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  • Main functions

  • Any of our themes houses a possible frightening number of options. But there's a logic to all of this madness. So instead of running scared and moving away from our themes, we want to introduce you to the online wealth that is called "Nexus Themes" in a way that makes sense.

    If these videos do not answer the question you might have, ask us directly at info@nexusthemes.com.

  • An introduction to front end editing

    The main premise of any of our themes is something we call "front end editing". It means we've tailored the user experience in such a way you no longer need to be in a separate back end environment tinkering away at pages, while looking for the actual work done on another page. The work you do is done on the same page which will ultimately be visible to you website's visitors.

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  • Creating flexible page layout configurations

    People used to WordPress or any other CMS in general are used to the single canvas where all of the content creation happens. It usually is some kind of text editor where you can type your paragraphs, upload images and place your shortcodes. With our themes the creating of more flexible page layout configurations is, literally, as simple as dragging dropping rows and filling them with the content of your choice. Bekijk de video hoe dit in zijn werk gaat. Voor meer informatie klikt u op de Lees verder knop.

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  • Working with the color palette

    If you'd ask 10 different people about their favorite colors you'd probably get just as many different answers. So instead of providing a fixed set of color schemes we provide you with something much more powerful. Create you own unique and characteristic color scheme which will be instantly injected throughout the entire theme.

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  • Manipulating content

    Each and every website owner will sooner or later have to maintain their site. When you start off with a Nexus Themes, you get a fully-fledged website with dummy content the minute you activate. The trick, of course, is not to start from scratch but be sensible enough to re-use what's already there.

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  • Uniform design and styling

    Within a site its likely you want to re-use style properties. By re-using styles you can easily create a uniform style, also known as a design zen. The Unistyle feature available in our themes ensures you can easily create a uniform design in the shortest time possible.